Rihomi Sato

Born in Tokyo, Japan. based in New York.​

​Rihomi Sato’s central concern is humans and their thoughts as instincts as desires , impulses, complexities, and identities. She seeks truths through painting, drawing, and mixed media.

She uses unique motif, materials come from own Japanese identity which mixture of old Japanese tradition, culture and new modern life. She challenges to create new perspective of composition which inspired by Japanese old paintings also recently she uses sewing technic on canvas to create organic shape work to climb over art traditional square shape and limit of canvas.

She considers how people interact and deal with their environment, whether natural or artificial and contrived, using product magazines, pictures, plastic, fabric also unnecessary paintings. She synthesizes the mundane with ephemeral thought, exploring contrasting perspectives and meanings through her art.



1/2020     “ Class Show “ The Phyllis Harriman Manson Gallery, NY

9/2019     “ New Japanese Horizon “ WHA Center, NY

9/2019     “ EPOCH CENTER “ The living artist gallery, NY

7/2019     “ CONSTITUTION “ Con Artist Collective, NY

6/2019     “ SJAC 2019 “ Tenri Cultural Institute, NY


3/2019     Art Point Gallery “ insight “ Ginza, Tokyo


12/2018   440 Gallery  “ Small works show “ NY

8/2018     Con Artist Collective “ Summer residency show “ NY

7/2018      Shibuya Hikarie “ Monster exhibition “ Shibuya, Tokyo

7/2018     J-Collabo  “ Intensity of wants “ NY

3/2018     One Art space “ Second Annual International Women’s Day Art Fair “ NY


12/2017   J-Collabo “ Annual Group Exhibition “ NY         

9/2017     J-Collabo “ Bloomig in Brooklyn “ NY

8/2017     Ground floor Gallery “ Our Mail Art Summer Biennial “ NY

5/2017     A.I.R. Gallery “Wish You Were Here 16”, New York City


6/2013     Yho Art Gallery, Tokyo

2/2010     Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo




2019        Merit Scholarship Abstract Category, The Art Students League of NY

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